Our Courses

Education is about far more than the marks fetched by a student. It’s about understanding right from wrong and having the current and comprehensive knowledge required to stay afloat in today’s society. Therefore, Chitkara International School helps the children to develop a perception on the world around and push their thinking both creatively and conceptually in many subject areas. Small group instruction, personalized attention for all the learners, flipped classrooms, blended learning, self directed learning allow teachers to thoroughly assess them during their work. Curriculum is developed keeping in mind all the three types of learners namely visual, auditory and kinaesthetic thereby touching the learning needs of a learner. We believe that each child rises to meet high expectations. Teachers encourage them to take intellectual risks,stretch socially, expand their ideas and investigate central issues.

Courses with us

This is a school with a long tradition of academic excellence and creativity within an exceptionally warm and supportive environment.

  • Kindergarten Program

Our spacious and innovative early years center offers a perfect, safe and stimulating environment for our youngest boys and girls whom we call Chicklets (2-3 years), Nestling (3- 4 years). Fledgling (4-5 years) and Cygnets (5-6 years)

  • Primary School Program

Our Primary Program from Grade 1 to Grade 5 (6 years onward) offers a comfortable transformation from colorful world of kindergarten to an equally colorful world of primary learning.

  • Middle and High School

Our Middle and High School Program (Grade 6 to Grade 10) offers effective transition from middle to high school and then to higher education programs in various programs in various college and universities.

  • Senior Secondary Education

Our Senior Secondary School Program (Grade 11 & Grade 12) offers gateway to Higher Education embedded with a strong industry connect.

All the objectives are merged towards the attainment of the unified aspiration of providing every student with individualised learning environment where the students learn at self pace and attain mastery in learning. As far as pedagogy, it starts from inquiry moves into the stage of presentation and then controlled practice and thereafter graduates to the stage of free practice. Thus, the ultimate goal lies in the fact that the learning process should be student friendly, interesting and must ensure learning of the concepts easily by our students.

The academic framework begins with the Annual Blueprint which is the entire year’s draft of how the child‘s year would shape up academically or otherwise. The framework is like an umbrella which encompasses three learning processes that revolve around the child and that are Teaching, Learning and Assessment embedded with Technology.